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Electric Pulse Back Neck Massager Zoom

Electric Pulse Back Neck Massager

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• Usage method:
1.Open (poke) the host battery cover, place two AAA batteries on a physiotherapy device according to the positive and negative directions;
2.Switch the Physiotherapy device power switch to the "on" position, and with a wet towel to the cervical spine and conductive pieces wiping wet, and then close to the neck physiotherapy instrument, if Cervical spine has sweat, must be clean and can be used.
3.Press the right side of the physiotherapy instrument handle "switch" button, buzzer "di" a sound, the work program starts, Indicator light 1 on, and then press the left handle "strengthen" or "weaken" button one time, then there will be the following settings, into the automatic combination of 1 treatment mode:
A. Automatic combination mode 1 Massage;
B. First gear Massage intensity;
C. Timing 15 minutes.
4."Mode" key use method:
Mode switch key, press the right handle "mode" button to select 6 kinds of mode, the default setting of turning on the Physiotherapy instrument is Mode 1 (Auto Combination 1 Mode), and Mode Indicator 1 up. After each conversion mode, the intensity is the first gear. The six massage modes are:
Mode 1: Auto combination 1, mode indicator 1 light up;
Mode 2: Acupuncture, mode indicator 2 light up;
Mode 3: Massage, mode indicator 3 light up;
Mode 4: Acupressure, mode indicator 1, 3 light up at the same time
Mode 5: Kneading, mode indicator 2, 3 light up at the same time;
Mode 6: Beat, mode indicator 1, 2, 3 light up at the same time.
After the conversion from mode 6, it is automatically cycled to the automatic combination mode 1.
Automatic combination mode is recommended.
5.The function of "strengthening" key
Intensity enhancement key, each time by pressing the left handle "to strengthen" key once, the intensity increased by a gear, a total of 16 gear intensity, physiotherapy should be based on self-acceptable strength to select the appropriate gear, the initial use suggestions with weak stalls began to adapt to.
6. The function of "weakening" key
Intensity weakening keys, each time by the left side of the handle "weaken" button once, weakened strength of a file, a total of 16 files.
Recommended daily use 15-30 minutes.

• Specifications:
Power supply: 3VDC30mA (2 Section 7 battery)
Packing box size: 220*200*60mm/8.66 * 7.87 * 2.36''
Working environment temperature: +5. C--+40. C;
Relative humidity: more than 80%
Electrical properties:
Pulse frequency: 0HZ-1000HZ
Pulse width: 20us-400us
Timing time of physiotherapy instrument: 15 minutes (+10% error)

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Product Description


    • Product introduction Cervical spine physiotherapy instrument uses streamlined design of composite ring body physiological curvature of cervical vertebra, by using low frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, traction three-in-one multi-channel physiotherapy ring to form a highly efficient compound energy field, arrive directly body deep tissue and bone marrow. In the whole process of physical therapy, always maintain the correct posture of the physical posture, for correct physical therapy of the cervical spondylosis provides a scientific platform. Let you enjoy the relaxed, efficient, happy multi-functional system treatment, so you get more value to enjoy! • Product adaptation scope: Can promote local blood circulation, relax the local muscle, achieve anti-inflammatory, detumescence, analgesia, to eliminate fatigue. Apply to cervical spondylosis caused by neck pain, shoulder arm numbness, headache, dizziness symptoms of adjuvant therapy. • Product features: According to the human body engineering design,aesthetic and scientific,consistent with the neck curve; 2Pcs AAA batteries power supply design, safe and reliable; The low frequency electric pulse, the magnetic effect, and the circular traction trinity synchronous therapy are used to form a highly effective compound energy field; Using the latest 3D intelligent laminating technology, you can easily adjust the electrode according to your neck curve, which is more comfortable to use; 3 kinds of automatic combination therapy mode, 3 kinds of manual physical therapy mode, according to different needs to choose, apply to the crowd more widely; Built in multiple healthy magnets, to carry out magnetic therapy for human body acupoints, regulating the balance of yin and Yang, improve micro circulation; LED indicator light, simple operation, clear process, more humane. Main structure of products: Host (ring) * 1, Conductive pole piece * 2, Conductive pole piece insert line *1, Battery *2. • Maintenance and precautions 1. The physiotherapy instrument uses two AAA batteries, can be used for about 3 months (according to the use of 1 day, every 15 minutes.) 2. A long time without the use of this product, please remove the battery. Otherwise it may cause the battery leakage caused by physical therapy instrument failure. 3. Please do not use other than the specified type of battery. 4. Please do not install the wrong battery positive and negative electrode. Read "+" "-" logo. 5. Replace the battery, please cut off the power supply. 6. Dispose of the battery after use, please refer to the environmental regulations. Storage 1. Please place the child can not touch the place 2. Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature, damp places 3. Please place in a dry, ventilated place custody. 4. Do not dismantle, repair, alter the product without permission, may cause accident or malfunction. 3D smart stainless steel patch and physical therapy patch with the line is synchronized work.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU Neck Massager
    Type Vibration on foot soles
    Power Source DC
    Dimension (inches) Packing box size 220*200*60mm/8.66 * 7.87 * 2.36''
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